Here are a list of enemies known to interfere with Finn and Rachel's relationship.


  1. Jesse St. James-A Vocal Adrenaline lead soloist and Rachel's former boyfriend whom began to date her after Finn dumped her to find his "inner rock star." They later broke up due to his committment to his alma matter.
  2. Quinn Fabray-Finn's former girlfriend. She and Finn initially began dating at the beginning of sophomore year, though later broke up because she was pregnant with Noah Puckerman (Finn's best friend's) baby, and lied to Finn and told him that he was the father for several months, despite their never having sex. They later get back together after Quinn cheats on current boyfriend Sam with Finn, and is later dumped for it. However, they break up in Funeral due to Finn's stronger and too conflicting feelings for Rachel, and lack of feelings for Quinn.
  3. Santana Lopez-In the Power of Madonna, while Rachel was dating Jesse, Finn slept with Santana to make Rachel jealous (though he proved unsuccessful.) Later, when he and Rachel got back together, he lied to her about it and said he was still a virgin, which later became one of the main factors of their break-up.
  4. Noah Puckerman-Finn's best friend and Rachel's good friend and former boyfriend. The two began dating because they were both in love with other people (Finn and Quinn) and wanted to make them jealous; however, they broke up. Rachel later cheated on Finn with Puck while they were dating whilst going through a rough patch; that was another main factor of their breakup.
  5. Kurt Hummel-Finn's former admirer and Rachel's current best friend. Though Finn never reciprocated any romantic feelings for Kurt, Kurt was in love with him and was competition for Rachel while Finn was dating Quinn. He later got over the crush when Finn insulted his sexuality (under pressure), and the two later become step brothers.